Tapesh first dipped his toe into the music business at the age of 15, as he rocked the turntables at his English boarding school in Sheffield.

At the end of the 80’s DJ Tapesh became the resident DJ in Düsseldorf’s most wanted club called “Bhaggy”.  During this time his DJ sets heated up the dance floor and he even succeeded in turning Sunday into a clubbing day. With his party concept “Club 25″ he reanimated the Thursday to the top night of the week. His father, an electrician, brought him into the club. “My father was a part of the team who assembled the Bhaggy
Disco.” “As I visited him in Düsseldorf, he took me out to the club and I always stood at the DJ Box and it fascinated me completely.”
This fascination wasn’t new, already as a kid he rummaged through his fathers record collection.  “During the German New Wave period I recorded a lot of mixed tapes”, he said.
His father managed to get him a chance on the turntables at the Bhaggy and he never looked back. His music direction was already house.  “In the 90’s I experimented with some funky Hip Hop tunes, but I quickly returned to my roots”. From 1996 to 1998 he was the resident DJ at the Checker’s Club on Koenigsallee. In the mid 90’s he even made it on to the television: for one and a half year’s he played with the live band on RTL’s Saturday Night Show.

Since 2004 Tapesh has been the resident DJ and Booker of the legendary Hafenclub in Wolfsburg (Autostadt). He plays there with international giants like , DJ Hell, DJ T,Carl Cox , Jimpster, Sebastin Ingrosso, Karotte, Fedde Le Grand, Tobi Neumann, Moonbootica
Turntable Rockers,Derick May , and many more…

Website: http://www.djtapesh.com/
Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/djtapeshcom

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